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It's a Trap!

There’s an old saying that I think applies to the current Socialism hysteria:  “There’s Free Cheese in a Mousetrap”. 

There’s actually a very high price to pay for the cheese, the mice just don’t have the foresight or the intellectual capability to see it.  Let’s not be the mice in this scenario.  Learn about socialism, learn about communism, see how they have performed throughout history and make decisions based on what you have learned.

No one appreciates peace and freedom quite like a Combat Veteran. That’s why I scoff at the current hallucinations that Socialism is somehow the answer for America. Listen up! If you can’t articulate why Socialism is a bad idea, then educate yourself.  With endless information at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for ignorance more than 15 minutes out. 

When my children tell me that something isn’t fair, I remind them that life in general isn’t fair.  I remind them that no one else is keeping score of their feelings, and I say that the only time someone cares about fairness is when they’re losing. 

Take Bill Gates for instance, Billy doesn’t hand out $1 million to 80,000 people.  In theory he could spend his 80 Billion this way, but that isn’t how he chooses to spend his earned capital.  Instead, countless losers scream and kick and point at Bill Gates saying; “that’s not fair”.  If Billy did choose to make eighty thousand millionaires, then Government would tax the million-dollar gifts at 50% and take half off the top.  That’s not fair either, because Government would deepen its pockets by forty billion from Billy’s desire to enrich the lives of eighty thousand people.  If Billy didn’t choose you to be the next millionaire, then that wouldn’t be fair either because you know you are the most deserving of that million-dollar gift. 

In my experience, fairness has to be removed from the equation.  The topic of fair belongs to elementary school aged children and parents who have more than one child that are fighting over who held the remote longer.  At some point it’s up to them to explain that fairness isn’t really a concern of the real world and that they can soon begin to adopt the new concept of disappointment.  Once this is realized, the world really opens up!  Prepare for disappointment – because that’s reality. 

Billy isn’t going to make you the next millionaire, and none of us should expect those in Washington D.C. to play mommy and split up someone’s wealth so we can feel better about ourselves. 

In high school economics I had an outstanding teacher.  I still remember the acronym TNSTAAFL which she pronounced “Tin Sta Full”.  Meaning, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  Even if you don’t pay, someone else does.  Free Healthcare?  Nope, someone pays for it.  Free college?  Nope, someone pays for it.  Free universal income?  Nope, someone pays for it.

I think I’ve identified a pattern here.  Nothing is truly free.  I don’t want 50, 60, 70, 80, or even 90% of my income taxed.  That’s outrageous.  Not even 45 percent!  I’m simply not going to pay that much in taxes.  Here’s what someone will do when they are being over taxed.  They will move.  They will leave the State or Country where they are experiencing government over reach and they will search for a place with lower taxes to begin anew.

We hope you enjoy this T-shirt design and wear it proudly.  Join me as I say NO to Socialism and Communism!  I’ll keep my FREEDOM, thanks!

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