Snowflake - Prank Price!

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Due to a slight misprint, we have a small selection of Unisex & Ladies' Fit Snowflake shirts in stock. There is a bit of bleed-over from the red ink that's enough to fail our standards. but not so much that we'll let our customers miss out on a little mischief...

This design is a best-seller, for obvious reasons, and has made appearances in the courtroom, prominent interviews and political skit making. Take advantage of the low price for disposable gag-gifts or "dangerous" situations that might cause damage to your personal property 😂 (Thanksgiving dinner, anyone?) But pranksters, use your best judgement...The phrase "Don't shoot the messenger" comes to mind these days!

We don't plan on this happening again so steal this look quick.
When they're gone, they're gone!

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