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Better Luck Next Time!

This one is for all the survivors out there...working the hard jobs that have even harder statistics...& after facing those perils, get up the next day to do it all over again... The ones who have told death "Better Luck Next Time!" 

Making light of danger and trauma is what vets & first responders do best. It allows people to cope with a work schedule that demands that type of exposure. This makes for a lot of inside jokes with dark humor some might find distasteful...We kept it pretty light with this design, riffing off an old cartoon favorite. (They sure don't make 'em like they used too, huh folks?)

Team WARGASM™ has unique on-the-job experience with the Grim Reaper:

Our CEO has already died once on the table. It isn't easy surviving a blast that pins both your legs inside your vehicle. Worse yet, is overcoming the challenges of learning to walk again & integrating back into society after your physical identity has been shattered. Luckily, there aren't many who must leave body parts behind this way...His struggles are now an inspiration to keep low-crawling to victory.

The 2IC handled what happens when you don't make it - Part of a small and ostracized bunch that you'd rather not meet...but is behind-the-scenes providing dignity to the aftermath of the battlefield. Nicknamed "The Reapers", Mortuary Affairs is an MOS that some didn't get the luxury of choosing in the recruiter's office. The stress hit hard in a lot of lives, contributing to that 22 a day...but for those still kicking, she hopes to make a difference by making statements.

A perfect pair to present this new design! BLNT MF!

This is our first parody tee, one of many we plan to create for our customers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Everything we've gone through has led to this moment. It is impossible to thank other Hometown Heroes as much as they deserve (but may not want to hear...) Show your support for what it takes to protect & serve with this t-shirt.

-Amor Libertatis-

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  • Big Rusty

    Saw one of your folks here in Michigan. Welcome. Gold Bless you!

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