Our Story

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 “That would look great on a T-shirt” I thought to myself.  That word was written on the white board outside my room by a guy we’ll call Samuel.  Sam did everything I ever wanted to do in the Army.  Ranger, Special Forces, Delta Force, and other unacknowledged activities.  I grew to admire him for many reasons; but most notable was his incredibly diverse skill set and humility. 

He became a good friend over the series of a few months and when the training course came to an end we stayed in touch.  I was pleased to see him during phase two and enjoyed sharing stories of our past.  Even finding humor in the moment my legs -- and his fingers -- became “pink mist”.  Not many can understand the horrors of combat, not many can joke about them either.  Finding humor in our trauma has proven to be a positive way to move forward.

About a month later he took his life.

Somewhere in the depths of his soul, he was struggling in silence with the horrors that combat brings about.  I can only speculate that those old demons became too much to bear.  I still can’t understand why he chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem...maybe I’m not supposed to.

I looked up Wargasm and saw that it was an old metal band from the 80’s, then a video game.  There was even a t-shirt with a picture of George W. Bush that said Wargasm on it.  I really thought it could be much more. The band is defunct, the trademark is dead.  I thought perhaps I could breathe new life and new meaning into an old play on words. 

War and Orgasm.  Two very different experiences, yet when combined they have a great ring that brings a smile to a Warriors face. 

I wanted Sam to model the T-shirts.  In my opinion, he was the ideal brand ambassador for any Veteran-owned start up.  It’s unfortunate that he is no longer with us, but his memory lives on and his vibrant character is displayed through each shirt that we sell here at Wargasm.

Here’s to a great American – Cheers!