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From the battlefield to the boardroom… WARGASM™ Clothing is a Combat-Veteran Owned & Operated business.
Two Iraq War Veterans have created an exciting, new lifestyle brand that stands for personal pride in American individuality,
while representing different generations, genders, ranks & vocations of enlisted military service.

 Wargasm Clothing, Wargasm, Founder, Double Amputee, Iraq War Amputee, Mat Best

         Founder Emeritus:  SSG (R) █ ████████ ██████
       U.S. Army - National Guard/Active Duty

Navigates the world on two fake feet. It's a point of pride that you'd never realize it unless he wants you to. In the wake of what 2020 has wrought, Mr. ██████ has stepped away from all public positions in his portfolio, preferring shadows over spotlights. (Can't blame him) Now focused on family, but we look forward to showcasing any future enterprise he shall endeavor to oblige.

-Amor Libertatis!

Pictured: Unisex XL Mousetrap, Gray

Wargasm Clothing, Wargasm, Iraq War Veteran, Female Veteran, Mortuary Affairs, Veteran Model

Founder Presiding:   SPC ███████ █████
U.S. Army - Active Duty
Mortuary Affairs

Ms. █████ has never shied away from making a scene... Is young enough to be born in the 90's, yet old enough to have seen the culture of controversy make a party switch. She has a passion for privacy, an INTJ's personality & plenty of tricks up her sleeve. Frequently found philosophizing & seeks to solve veteran's issues while utilizing unique experience.

Pictured: Unisex S Free Speech Zone, Black

Lately there’s been mass hysteria over -isms in this country. A lot of censorship too…
It’s OK to not like our product or agree with our message because we are passionate about using our rights and educating others -
#1 being Freedom of Speech!

We see it & say it with our shirts that reflect issues we care about.
We make them for others to display their Patriotic & Provocative sides on their own terms.
Stay tuned as we grow and offer a more diverse selection of ways to show your enthusiasm for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

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