Meme Page Admin Patch

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WARGASM Co is drafting a Parody Phrase Tab series, beginning with the Meme Page Admin, Ranger Tab prototype!

This collection will cover a wide range of "coveted" military duties, and explore the concept further of how certain training has expectations of a new trinket on your blouse. 

Designs are infused with dark humor, veteran pessimism & E4 energy. Naturally, milspec color variants will be carried for customers to get creative. Some of these you'll want for yourselves, but others as gag gifts. Tab Check!

Product test for the upcoming patch line. To support the military meme makers risking their necks to influence leadership, this batch will be given out GRATIS.

Make sure to use "Patch Shipping" rates at checkout.

Add this unique design to your morale patch collection or GET SOME for your friends. Take the tabs anywhere you can stick them. Show it off on IG when you tag @wargasmco